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Organic Beechwood Shower Brush (3 piece set) - Nue Essentials

Nue Essentials


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This elegant bath brush has firm tampico bristles and an extra long beechwood handle perfect for exfoliating your back and hard to reach areas. The bristles help improve circulation and exfoliate dry and dead skin cells—a natural solution to softer, healthier and more radiant skin. Features a cotton rope to hang brush to air dry.

  • Features bristles that exfoliate to provide smoother and healthier skin
  • Long handle for reaching your lower back with ease
  • Rope loop for easy hanging
  • Teakwood/boar bristles
  • Measures 18" L x 3.35" W x 1.45" H
  • Water resistant

Pro Tip: We also use these brushes for cleaning floors and counters, washing dishes, and even scrubbing shoes!